Pilates is a safe and effective method of rehabilitation and excercise that focus on muscular balance, improves strength, flexibility and posture. Pilates is suitable for everyone regardless age, bodyweight and level of phisical base. In pilates we are focusing of quality over quantity.


Pilates was developed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates at the beginning of the 1900’s originally known as Contrology.

Benefits of Piates

  • improved flexibility

  • increased muscle strenght

  • tone the muscles particularly the core muscle

  • balance muscular strengh on both side of the body

  • improve posture, alignments

  • improve stabilisation of the spine

  • reduce body weight and body fat


Mat-based pilates is a series of exercis performed on the floor using gravity and your own body weitht to provide resistance. It’s a low impact excercise where we are moving slowly, controling our breath and posture. Pilates is focused more likly of muscular endurance and control of the precise movement, that’s why it was called contrology.


There are classes as well, where we use bands, balls, weights, pilates rings or as simple as a wall to challange the exercise program, by using these props to complet and motivate our workouts. The props can help to progress faster after mastering the basic fondations of pilates.

General precautions

Athought pilates is a low-impact form of excercise, I highly recomend for certain people to seek professional medical advice before engading in a program, personnes who recently had surgery, pregnant, who have any medical condition as heart disease or any form of injuries

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